Dear Laureate,
I just wanted to express how happy we are with our recent purchase of First Words, First Words II, and First Verbs! Your products are amazing - not only does James love to use the computer now, but his vocabulary has improved 150%.
First Words, First Words II, and First Verbs

program coversFirst Words, First Words II, and First Verbs help children and adults with special needs master essential early vocabulary. These programs offer the consistent, focused, and supportive environment that many people with disabilities require to learn an initial vocabulary.

These programs:
  • Build a core vocabulary of 100 nouns and 50 verbs
  • Offer highly-structured, individualized training
  • Include 200 photos, 200 illustrations, and 150 verb animations
Suggested for Individuals (Pre-K through Adult) with:
  • Autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, language-learning disorders, physical disabilities, low vision, and hearing impairments

Product Description:
First Words screenshot First Words, First Words II, and First Verbs provide highly-structured training of early developing nouns and verbs. Each program trains 50 words in developmental order, focusing on only five words at a time. Words are presented in isolation or with one other picture on the screen. You can choose to work on a black or full-scene background. Additional Information or purchase.

Easy-to-use and effective.
Using Laureate's Optimized Intervention technology, the programs begin with an assessment test to identify 5 words the student doesn't already know. Students are then presented with two pictures and asked to identify one of them (e.g. “Find the cow.”) The program monitors each student response and then automatically adjusts the training level of each word. At the lower levels of training, the Blob reinforces correct answers with his amusing antics.

Enriched Language Facilitates Learning!
At the higher levels of training, a new character named Zot uses expanded language. Research has shown that this enhances vocabulary acquisition. Automatic record-keeping
Each time a word is mastered, a new word enters into training. At the end of each lesson, a summary of the student’s performance is presented, allowing you to quickly review your student’s progress and ensure accountability.

First Words screenshot First Words
This program focuses on the 50 earliest developing nouns. The program uses an encouraging voice, colorful pictures, and animated reinforcements to engage the learner.
Purchasing information

First Words II screenshotFirst Words II
This program continues early vocabulary training with 50 more basic nouns. You’ll find the same carefully thought-out design and format as First Words as well as all-new animated reinforcements. Purchasing information

First Verbs screenshot First Verbs
Learning verbs is more difficult than learning nouns. This unique program makes verb training much easier. First Verbs teaches 50 verbs, each represented by two pictures that show the verb in action. Purchasing information


Six Activities in All!
Each program offers these six activities:

Optimized Intervention
This activity automatically assesses a student's knowledge of the vocabulary items and delivers highly individualized treatment. Based on a student's responses, the program moves among five training levels, each with a different amount of instructional support.

Training by Level (1-5)
This option allows you to choose any one of the five training levels to accommodate individuals who need a fixed level of support.

This activity can be used to document pre- or post-training performance.

Three Supplemental Activities
These three single switch activities are ideal for cause and effect training, enriched language exposure, and recreation.

Word Introduction presents one word at a time on a black background.
Slide Show presents one word at a time as a slide show.
Zot Routines provide exposure to Zot's enriched language.

System Requirements

Macintosh® System Requirements:

  • 300 MHz or faster PowerPC®, Intel® or better CPU with Mac OS® 8.1 or later, including any Mac OS X*
  • 128 MB RAM, 256 MB RAM for OS X
  • 40 MB of available disk space
  • Color monitor capable of 800 x 600 resolution with thousands of colors
  • CD or DVD drive
  • Web browser (for Help System- no Internet connection is required)

*Users of Mac OS Lion (version 10.7) or later will be required to download and install an application from our web site.

Windows® System Requirements:

  • 300 MHz or faster CPU with Microsoft® Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista®, 7, or 8
  • 64 MB of installed RAM
  • 40 MB of available disk space
  • Color monitor capable of 800 x 600 resolution with high color
  • Windows compatible sound card and speakers
  • CD or DVD drive
  • Web browser (for Help System- no Internet connection is required)

Interface Options:

Mouse, keyboard, single or dual switch, touch screen, or any other compatible pointing device.


Mary Sweig Wilson, Ph.D,
Bernard J. Fox, M.S.
"I looked up at his parents and they were crying. They said they never knew their son was capable of knowing or selecting these words on his own. We all had a good cry as their son continued to demonstrate his capabilities at the computer using Laureate's software programs. It was a good day."Read more.

Product Now Available:
Laureate First Words app for the iPad!

Development of these programs was supported by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).