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Say-N-Play® from Advance Games, LLC

Say-N-Play is an exciting new speech recognition program that provides a fun and visually engaging environment for children to practice their articulation. A variety of captivating games with multiple levels will keep children entertained and motivate them to improve their articulation skills.

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This program:
• Encourages articulation practice
•Targets phonemes in different positions
•Fosters expressive verbalization

Suggested for:
Children ages 4-9 with articulation disorders

Product Description:

Say-N-Play offers a variety of fun games that encourage children to practice their speech articulation. This PC-based program features voice recognition technology combined with motivating articulation drills for children between the ages of four and nine. Say-N-Play provides an exciting world filled with irresistible characters, enjoyable games, and multiple levels for children to explore while improving their articulation skills. With Say-N-Play, articulation practice is never boring – children will ask to play again and again!

In Lesson Mode, phonemes are listed on a selection screen and the computer generates appropriate stimuli based on chosen phonemes. Levels of progression are target sounds in vowel combinations, target sounds in the initial position of words, target sounds in the final position of words, target sounds in the medial position of words, and target sounds in phrases. In Free Play Mode, target productions are randomly selected by the computer and consist of sounds in all positions of words and phrases. Additional Information or purchasing information.

How it works

Lesson Mode: To begin, choose the target phonemes and then select the game you want to play from the game map. The computer will automatically select targets based on the current level of progression for each selected phoneme. A picture stimulus will be presented with the written format of the word included. If the target phoneme is pronounced incorrectly, a verbal prompt will be provided. If the response is incorrect again, the verbal prompt will be repeated. If the response is incorrect on the third attempt, the trial will be counted as incorrect. In Lesson Mode, only the targeted phoneme is assessed for acceptable production. When a child receives 90% accuracy on a phoneme at a particular level of progression three times in a row, the computer will automatically move to the next level of phoneme progression. If a child only receives 20% accuracy on a level twice in a row, the computer will automatically move the child back down to the previous progression level.

Free Play:
To begin, simply choose the game that you want to play from the game map. The computer will randomly select target words from the complete word bank. The stimulus will be provided in the same manner as it is in Lesson Mode. In Free Play mode, the entire word or phrase will be assessed for acceptable production.


Say-N-Play (Win CD)    
Professional version with 15 player profiles $249 SNP-PRO-WB

Important note:
Advance Games offers a 30-day return policy on the Say-N-Play program. Any product return will be subject to a $15.00 restocking fee. To insure a full credit for your return, you will need to remove Say-N-Play from your computer by following the deactivation instructions provided with your Laureate invoice. Should you require additional assistance in removing Say-N-Play from your computer, please contact Advance Games at 1-225-335-4472.

Phonemes trained

System Requirements

Windows® System Requirements:
Pentium 4 1.4GHz processor
512 MB of RAM
Windows XP, Vista, or 7
200 MB of free hard drive space
DirectX 9.0C installed
DirectSound compatible sound card with microphone jack
OpenGL compatible video card with 64 MB of RAM

Windows Only
Say-N-Play can only be installed and used on one computer.


Holly Strange, M.S. (CCC-SLP)

Say-N-Play is a speech articulation practice game that provides a fun and visually engaging environment for children between the ages of four and nine.